Control this madness before it's too late

Oh no, what a shame. People talking and communicating new ideas through their phones. People staying in contact with each other and making new friends. You don't know what they're doing on their phone. They could be having their final words with their dying parent who they can't afford to visit. They could be online, talking their friend out of committing suicide. There's so many things people could be doing on their phones that aren't making them into zombies, as this video suggests. These activities on their phone could be making them more aware of the suffering in the world, making them take action.
We're all learning about news faster through our phones and social media and that makes the response a lot better. For example, the Manchester attack. Everyone knew about it within a day of it happening which wouldn't have happened without things like twitter. People would not have been able to find shelter and their family/friends without social media. People would've died. Twitter enabled the government and NHS to spread the word about the low supplies of blood and within hours all they needed was donated and more. People were able to find out about individual stories and were able to offer help to those who needed it.
Another example is natural disasters like earthquakes. Without Facebook and their games such as farmville that spread the word and offered incentives for donating to the disaster relief programmes many more people would've died.
Don't act as if technology is an awful thing when it has changed millions of people's lives for the better and has brought increasingly more jobs both in the west and abroad in manufacturing, development, design, programming, management, IT, artwork, media and so many other areas...
By: Steve Cutts


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